Month: Nov 2017

SHUMAS in partnership with BSFA and WSV to bring affordable lighting to rural communities in Cameroon

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SHUMAS today the 21st of November, 2017 and its partners Building Schools for Africa and WSV started a training on Right Light enterprise. This training will enable SHUMAS set up right light enterprise in rural communities within Cameroon with use of solar lighting. This will reduce health and environmental hazards associated with use of kerosene and fuel wood.

Bape Mondiale community latest to benefit from SHUMAS school construction project

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After carrying out a feasibility sometimes in December 2016, SHUMAS later short-listed Ecole Publique de Bape Mondiale to benefit from SHUMAS school construction projects in 2017. SHUMAS and the community represented by the Chief (represented), PTA chairperson, and the Head Teacher of the school signed a protocol agreement on the 14th of November 2017, Spelling out the responsibilities of either of the parties for the project. SHUMAS and partner Building Schools For Africa (BSFA.UK) will therefore carry out a project in E.P Bape Mondiale which consists of;
1. Construction of 3 classrooms
2. Construction of head teacher’s office and a store
3. Construction of a 3-compartment toilet block with hand washing facility
4. Provision of 27 benches, 3 tables and 3 chairs
The project seeks to Improve on the teaching learning process in the school, through the provision of adequate and infrastructures and equipment. Specific objectives of the project include;
i. Improve on the enrollment of the school by 50% from the 2016/2017 academic year
ii. Improve on the performance of pupils by 50% in both class and end of course examinations
iii. Improve the hygienic and sanitation conditions of the school.
The project is expected to start by the 20th of November and will be completed within 6 weeks.


Buh Integrated Health Center Registers first birth just 19 Hours after SHUMAS and Partners AidCamps International Intervention.

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The Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) Cameroon and partners, AidCamps International, handed over a newly constructed toilet/shower block with hand washing facility, a placenta pit and Delivery, Ward, Laboratory and Consultation equipment to the Buh Integrated Health Center in Buh village, Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The handing over ceremony took place on the 11th of November 2017 and was presided over by the Mayor of Nkum, the primary beneficiary of this project.

The project had the following components:

  1. A 3-compartment toilet and shower bath block with hand washing facility
  2. Construction of a Placenta Pit
  3. Provision of Delivery, Laboratory, Ward and consultation equipment, which included the following among others

5 beds

5 lockers

5baby cuts

5drip stands

5 mattresses and pillows

4 benches

2 tables and chairs

1 gas stand/gas burner/gas bottle and gas

1 drug cupboard

1 deliver beds

1 examination bed

1 delivery kits

1 sterilization drum

An obstetric wheel

urethral catheters

A blood pressure monitor

A centrifuge

Electronic thermometers


wall clock

1 baby scale

1 adult scale


SHUMAS Welcomes one of her oldest partner, AidCamp International (AidCamps Paramedics) in Buh Village, Bui Division.

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Objectives of the visit: Construction of toilet and equipment of the health center with beds, delivery beds, laboratory equipments worth’s 20 millions franc, part of the equipments shared to other health institutions in Bui division.