Month: Nov 2015

SHUMAS Lauded For Giving Cameroonians “A Right To Education”

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The Manager of Islamic Nursery and Primary Schools in Bui Division, Tar Husseine Wirkom has appreciated Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS for giving a majority of Cameroonian “the right to education irrespective of their political, cultural and religious differences”.

He made the appreciation during the handing over of four classrooms, an office, tables and chairs likewise school garden equipments to Islamic Primary School, Rifem, Mbiami, Mbven sub division of the North West region on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015 by SHUMAS.20151119_132558



The project saw the light of day thanks to SHUMAS’ partnership with Building Schools for Africa, UK, Aid Camp International and the Mbiami Council and community.

“Good educational facilities appear to be an important prerequisite for the teaching and learning process in a school” observed Tar Husseine Wirkom acknowledging that “a good physical condition of a school has a positive impact on the teaching learning process.

He added that when educational facilities are “punctuated by despair and frustration, it gives a backdrop to the teaching and learning process in that school”.

Tar Husseine Wirkom revealed that it was not the first time that SHUMAS was coming to their aid as regards school infrastructure acknowledging that the teaching learning process has been greatly ameliorated in these schools judging from their FSLC and GCE results.


He advised the Muslim Community in Rifem to take care of the school and to show appreciation by sending their children to the school.

Tar Husseine Wirkom used the occasion to condemn all acts of terrorism by Boko Haram and other terrorist groups revealing that it is a misnomer for anyone to baptize it [Boko Haram] as an Islamic sect.

Taking the queue the DO for Mbven sub division, the representative of the Mayor of Mbiami, the Head Teacher of Islamic Primary School Rifem and many other speakers who took turns to speak at the handing over ceremony were unanimous that the timely intervention of SHUMAS and her partners was a stitch in time to salvage the school from its sorry state.

Worthy of note is the fact that before SHUMAS’s intervention, the school was in a dilapidating building which made the teaching learning process difficult.

In a succinct presentation of SHUMAS, its Director Nformi Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka revealed that 60% of their activities focus on education.


“This is because we have the vision of working towards the achievement of Cameroon’s Growth and Employment Strategy which entails education for all as well as international goals such as the sustainable development of the UN which propagates universal basic education” he added.

While officially handing over the classrooms, Nformi Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka particularly thanked the team from Aid Camps International for spending two weeks in Mbiami, working on the project site to ensure that the classrooms were completed.

He also singled out the contribution of Building Schools for Africa, UK, describing them as friends in deed as they have helped SHUMAS to hand over projects and do impact assessments.

Motivated by the efforts of team from Aid Camps International that braved all odds to see the classrooms completed, the Fon of Mbiami did not hesitate to decorate them.

Created in 1993 and legalized in 1997, SHUMAS is a Development Non Governmental Organization with vision to of improving lives, reducing poverty and empowering the poor so that they can realize their potentials and work towards their needs without jeopardizing the future.

It has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and has tabled another application to the President of the Republic of Cameroon with the support of the Governor of the North West Region seeking the status of a Public Utility.