Month: Sep 2017

SHUMAS Welcomes 12 Students on Internship from the College of Technology in the University of Bamenda

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Within the framework of her volunteering/internship program, SHUMAS has once more opened her doors to the 4th stream of the 2017 interns. The 12 students from COLTECH will be at the SHUMAS Integrated Training and Demonstration Centre (BIOFARM) for a period of two months during which they will be drilled on practical agricultural skills and techniques and on the four renewable forms of energy present at the BIOFARM center (solar, biogas, hydro and wind).Every year the center serves as practical ground for hundreds of students from many higher institutions of learning in Cameroon

Consume Organic Food and Reduce your Toxic Intake

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SHUMAS Cameroon in her strive to promote a healthy life through the consumption of nontoxic food has put in place SHUMAS Integrated Organic Farming Training and Demonstration Center (BIOFARM) where interested persons are taught both in theory and practice on organic farming. Trainees therefore learn the advantages of organic food over synthetically grown food

To sustain the centre, there is continues production of organic food and vegetables for interested persons. Huckleberry, beetroots and sweet pepper are ready organic vegetables you can consume from the BIOFARM. In the days ahead, carrots, onions and lettuce will be ready for marketing.

Be an ambassador of your health and avoid spending many resources on toxic generated illnesses by placing your command for organic vegetables at SHUMAS Cameroon head office in mile 6 Nkwen, Bamenda. Or through

Tel: 677-755-630, 679-852-090, 672-523-341