Consume Organic Food and Reduce your Toxic Intake

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SHUMAS Cameroon in her strive to promote a healthy life through the consumption of nontoxic food has put in place SHUMAS Integrated Organic Farming Training and Demonstration Center (BIOFARM) where interested persons are taught both in theory and practice on organic farming. Trainees therefore learn the advantages of organic food over synthetically grown food

To sustain the centre, there is continues production of organic food and vegetables for interested persons. Huckleberry, beetroots and sweet pepper are ready organic vegetables you can consume from the BIOFARM. In the days ahead, carrots, onions and lettuce will be ready for marketing.

Be an ambassador of your health and avoid spending many resources on toxic generated illnesses by placing your command for organic vegetables at SHUMAS Cameroon head office in mile 6 Nkwen, Bamenda. Or through

Tel: 677-755-630, 679-852-090, 672-523-341



Yer, Kevu, Lus, Benade and Benabinge Communities Benefit from SHUMAS Spreading Health Program

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Health is primordial for the development of any society. A majority of health centers in Cameroon face severe challenges. They are either understaffed or have unqualified staff, and a majority of the health centers lack basic health equipment and appropriate health infrastructure.

In an attempt to curb the above mentioned problems and to further support the government of Cameroon to improve on the health situations of rural and urban poor communities especially infant and maternal health SHUMAS has as one of its programs to train nurses for rural centers

On the 17th of October 2016 some four communities kevu in oku sub division Bui division; Yer in jakiri sub division Bui division, Benade in the Benade sub division Menchum valley division and Benabinge in the  Benakuma sub division Menchum valley division  in the North West Region of Cameroon benefitted from this program and the student nurses WOSUIJI THECKLA KINYUY,ISEH RITA YAOUNBO, MBIBEE BERNIS and ONGUN KARAMA FREDERICK chosen by these communities respectively are to be trained as state registered Nurses for three years and will in tend work in their communities for at least three years on graduation. These beneficiaries went home with joy in their hearts as their dreams of becoming medical personnel are gradually coming to fruition thanks to SHUMAS and partner the UK based charity Spreading Health. To this effects the three parties signed a protocol agreement stating the obligations of each of the parties with SHUMAS as sponsor, the communities as primary beneficiaries and the student nurses to be trained as secondary beneficiaries.



During the protocol signing which took place in the SHUMAS head office at Mile 6 Nkwen, Bamenda, the different candidates were accompanied by the Chairperson of the Management Committee of the Health Center and the Chief of the Health Center who together were representing the different primary beneficiaries. Both Primary and secondary beneficiaries left signing praises to SHUMAS to coming to their aid.

SHUMAS to train 35 Youths on Sustainable Crop/Animal production and Renewable Energy

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Founded to trained youths and farming community leaders who intend train others in their communities on sustainable organic agriculture and renewable energy, the SHUMAS BIOFARM Center located in Bamdzeng Kumbo announces that they are presently receiving applications for the 2016/2017 10 months course.

About the Training
-The training takes place at the SHUMAS BIOFARM
-You will gain skills in organic farming in crop and animal production, renewable energy, food processing, pasture improvement, etc.
-Upon graduation,you receive a certificate attesting to the training received
-Upon graduation, receive a grant to start up their your own farm
-Accommodation is provided at the centre; students take care of their feeding

Training conditions
• Submit an application with copies of Birth certificate and other documents
• Be between the ages of 16-35
• Have at least FSLC
• Pay a registration fee of 10,000frs

With just 35 spots available hurry and send in your application file containing the above mentioned documents. The application file can be submitted at the BIOFARM Center at Bamdzeng Kumbo or the SHUMAS Head Office at Mile 6 Nkwen Bamenda North West Region. You can also forward your application electronically via or contact us at (+237) 677-755-630. Dateline for files is 29th July 2016


SHUMAS Spreading Health Scholarship for Community Nurses

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SHUMAS-Cameroon and partners Spreading Health UK are presently offering scholarships to students with at least 2 Advance Level papers in sciences to be trained as community nurses in some of Cameroons’ finest Institutions. The program which has trained over 45 state registered nurses across Cameroon is presently receiving applications from rural and urban poor candidates and communities seeking to improve the health situation of their community.

In order to improve on the health situation of rural and urban poor communities, SHUMAS, in collaboration with her partners (Spreading Health) is sponsoring the training of competent health personnel in top institutes of health in Cameroon.

Main Objectives
The main objective of this project is to enhance access to health services for those living in poor peasant communities.

Specific Objectives
-Train at least five nurses yearly to serve, after training, in their respective health clinics for at least three years
-To provide access to better health care to the rural population through quality services provided by trained nurses.
-To create professional training opportunity for the privileged.

Application Procedure

  1. Community selects a candidate to benefit
  2. Community applies to SHUMAS through the General Coordinator
  3. Application must be endorsed by Sub Divisional Delegation of Health, Health board
  4. chairman of the health center and the Mayor.
  5. Candidate to attach a motivation letter and the following documents:
  6. Photocopy of birth certificate
  7. Photocopy of national ID card
  8. Copies of highest diplomas

All applications are expected to be submitted not later than the 29th of July 2016.For more information contact us at (+237) 677-755-630 or by email:

Spreading health flyer1

Spreading health flyer


Admissions into the SHUMAS Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the 2016/2017 Academic Year

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DSC_0588DSC_0655Admissions into the SHUMAS Vocational Rehabilitation Center are presently going on. The SHUMAS Rehab Center which is located at the SHUMAS Center at Mile 6, Nkwen Bamenda runs training for people with special needs in 8 different life skill trades. Since its creation in May 2009, the center has been a place where people with special needs are trained and supported in skills compatible to their disabilities, for a fulfilling life. The center offers vocational rehabilitation to persons with disabilities through training in income generating life skills.

The goal of the center is to economically and socially empower persons with special needs in self reliant life skills for self development and the development of their communities.
– Train persons with physical disability in self reliant life skills.
– Provide promotional material to graduates to enable an effective integration in their various communities.
– Train them in basic management and leadership skills.

The Training Program
Since its creation in May 2009, the center has been a place where people with special needs are trained and supported in skills compatible to their disabilities, for a fulfilling life. The center offers FREE vocational rehabilitation to persons with disabilities through training in income generating life skills like:
-Traditional embroidery
-Shoe mending/making
-Cane weaving
-Jewelry and -Poultry

We also go on to offer moral enhancement workshops, and capacity building workshops on economic productivity.
The trainees receive life skill training for a period of 2 years after which they are supported with promotional material to enable them set up their own workshops back in their communities. After graduation and reinsertion, we do not stop but go on to monitor the ex-trainees so that we can evaluate their success and offer technical support from time to time.

The centre also offers dormitory services. This enables people who come from far places to stay and receive their training without any accommodation problems. The dormitory also runs a restaurant where the trainees are feed 3 times a day at a subsidised price of 100frs/meal.

After they have received training and are graduated, SHUMAS provides all with start up material to support their reinsertion and start of their workshops.
SHUMAS equally carries out impact assessments to evaluate the success of the ex-trainees and to offer technical assistance to them.

Conditions to apply for the training in the SHUMAS Vocational Rehabilitation Center

  1. The person should be between 15-35 years old
  2. Only persons with disabilities capable of learning one of the 8 trades
  3. Written application handed in to SHUMAS
  4. Certificate of disability if available

For more information you can visit the Center at Mile 6, Nkwen Bamenda or contact us my email through or call (+237) 677-755-630


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Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS)-Cameroon,a Development Non-Governmental Organization with head office located in Mile Six Nkwen Bamenda  and the Divisional Delegation for Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA)   for Mezam in partnership  with the German Ruhr-University of Bochum, University of Kassel, University of Göttingen, University of Freiburg, and other international organizationsare involved in an international research project “Urban Food Plus (UFP).

The goal of this research project is to enhance resource use efficiency in urban and peri-urban agriculture for improved food security in 4 West African cities including Bamenda.

One of the research activities will involve livestock based survey.

Four Good dedicated Masters Students with background in Animal Science, livestock, Agricultural Economics and any related discipline will be recruited to carry out the research.


Interested candidates with the aforementioned qualification can apply to SHUMAS _Cameroon. Applications should be addressed to the Director General of SHUMAS Cameroon.   Those who succeed will be provided stipends to facilitate the research.

DEADLINE: Applications should come in latest 15th of June 2016.


-Application letter,addressed   to the General Director of SHUMAS-Cameroon

-Attestation of admission as Masters Students from the university –

Contacts : 677755630, 676440219 ,  672523341, 679852090 , 677 890 795



  1. NDZEREM STEPHEN NJODZEKA                     DR. TEBOH  

Director General,                                                                                            Divisional Delegate

SHUMAS –Cameroon                                                                            for MINEPIA   MEZAM



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organized by SHUMAS Renewable Technical Center in collaboration with her partners Energy Without Borders (EsF) and FICAID – Spain

COURSE TITLE: Short training course in four sources of renewable energy (wind, solar, Biogas and mini hydro energy)

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LOCATION:SHUMAS Biofarm in Bamdzeng-Kumbo

DURATION: From 12th to 17th JUNE 2016


Renewable Energy is fast shifting from the fringe to the mainstream of sustainable development. It provides substantial benefits for our livelihood (employment, health, education, rural exodus, economics etc.) and the environment (climate change), with added advantage that it is renewable and green. Opportunities for such training, whether you are found in the North or South of the hemisphere provides unimaginable benefits individually and globally.

Renewable energytechnologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.

FACULTY – Training will be delivered by SHUMAS Renewable Technical Center in collaboration with our partners Energy Without Borders (EsF) and FICAID – Spain.


  • During this course, you will be empowered on how to carry out feasibility studies of the different renewable energy sources (biogas,Wind, Solar and Hydroelectricity ). This will include inter-alia calculating the energy load of any demand and knowing the exact system design that will be compatible to that demand.
  • This course will also empower you on how to identify authentic equipment and design compatible systems.
  • This course will train you to be able to carry out installations in the aforementioned energy systems.
  • You will also be train on how to sustain and maintain these systems.
  • The training is also a Path Way for you to become a Green energy expert (Solar, Wind, Mini Hydro and Biogas)in a world where there is huge demand for Green energy experts.



Duration: five (5) days training course


Date: From 13th to 17th JUNE 2016

Training Fee:FREE


You will be expected to pay a token contribution of Eighty thousand (80.000FCFA) Francs for National participants and One hundred and fifty thousand (150.000FCFA)Francs for International participants for the following:-

  • Pay for Feeding which consist of 3 good meals a day and 2 coffee breaks
  • Lodging which include a bed and Matrass electricity and water bills
  • Training Manuals
    • Excursion trip to practical installation sites
  • A certificate of participation.
  • Other didactic materials.

NB: blankets available (ONLYfor international participants)


At least Advanced level or Baccalaureate holders in Physics, Electricity and/or Electronics and other related fields of study.


June 10th, 2016


  • Application letter
  • Copy of highest diploma
  • Photocopy of National Identification Card


Send the above documents to;




TEL: (+237) 677755630/ 694389480/ 672523341

Email: Website: