CETIC BANOCK latest community to benefit from SHUMAS school construction project

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After carrying out a feasibility sometimes in 2017, SHUMAS later short-listed CETIC BANOCK to benefit from SHUMAS school construction projects in 2018. SHUMAS and the community of Banock in Penka Michel Sub Division, Menoua Division represented by the Chief , PTA chairperson, and the Head Teacher of the school signed a protocol agreement on the 12th of January 2018, Spelling out the responsibilities of either of the parties for the project. SHUMAS

nd partner Building Schools For Africa (BSFA.UK) will therefore carry out a project in CETIC BANOCK which consists of;
1. Construction of 3 classrooms
2. Construction of head teacher’s office and a store
3. Construction of a 3-compartment toilet block with hand washing facility
4. Provision of 27 benches, 3 tables and 3 chairs
The project seeks to Improve on the teaching learning process in the school, through the provision of adequate and infrastructures and equipment. Specific objectives of the project include;
i. Improve on the enrollment of the school by 50% from the 2017/2018 academic year
ii. Improve on the performance of pupils by 50% in both class and end of course examinations
iii. Improve the hygienic and sanitation conditions of the school.
The project is expected to start by the 21st of January, 2018 and will be completed within 6 weeks.


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