SHUMAS in Partnership with UNICEF and MINSANTE, Resume training on the primary prevention program of Polio among children in West Region. Cameroon

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SHUMAS and her partners The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF)  and MINSANTE, firm up through an MOU had as its principal goals; the primary prevention program of Polio among children which is intended to reduce the vulnerability of children facing this pandemic by providing knowledge, structures of dialogue and necessary equipment, targeting women groups, through mobilization campaigns and awareness, health communication strategies and reinforcing the capacity of women groups in the tracking of lost to follow-up children in the north west and west region of Cameroon .

Objectives of the training is to improve routine and supplementary vaccination coverage through the training of women groups, community based organizations (CBOs) and community leaders on communication, vaccination calendar, causes and effects of polio and strategies to identify children lost to follow-up as well as monitoring supplementary vaccination campaigns.

Beneficiary communities and date of training include;

6-17/12/2017   Kouoptamo, Banourain,

17-18/12/2017 Foumbot,

19-20/12/2017 Mifi and Malantouen



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