SHUMAS Spreading Health Scholarship for Community Nurses

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SHUMAS-Cameroon and partners Spreading Health UK are presently offering scholarships to students with at least 2 Advance Level papers in sciences to be trained as community nurses in some of Cameroons’ finest Institutions. The program which has trained over 45 state registered nurses across Cameroon is presently receiving applications from rural and urban poor candidates and communities seeking to improve the health situation of their community.

In order to improve on the health situation of rural and urban poor communities, SHUMAS, in collaboration with her partners (Spreading Health) is sponsoring the training of competent health personnel in top institutes of health in Cameroon.

Main Objectives
The main objective of this project is to enhance access to health services for those living in poor peasant communities.

Specific Objectives
-Train at least five nurses yearly to serve, after training, in their respective health clinics for at least three years
-To provide access to better health care to the rural population through quality services provided by trained nurses.
-To create professional training opportunity for the privileged.

Application Procedure

  1. Community selects a candidate to benefit
  2. Community applies to SHUMAS through the General Coordinator
  3. Application must be endorsed by Sub Divisional Delegation of Health, Health board
  4. chairman of the health center and the Mayor.
  5. Candidate to attach a motivation letter and the following documents:
  6. Photocopy of birth certificate
  7. Photocopy of national ID card
  8. Copies of highest diplomas

All applications are expected to be submitted not later than the 29th of July 2016.For more information contact us at (+237) 677-755-630 or by email:

Spreading health flyer1

Spreading health flyer



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