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Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS)-Cameroon,a Development Non-Governmental Organization with head office located in Mile Six Nkwen Bamenda  and the Divisional Delegation for Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA)   for Mezam in partnership  with the German Ruhr-University of Bochum, University of Kassel, University of Göttingen, University of Freiburg, and other international organizationsare involved in an international research project “Urban Food Plus (UFP).

The goal of this research project is to enhance resource use efficiency in urban and peri-urban agriculture for improved food security in 4 West African cities including Bamenda.

One of the research activities will involve livestock based survey.

Four Good dedicated Masters Students with background in Animal Science, livestock, Agricultural Economics and any related discipline will be recruited to carry out the research.


Interested candidates with the aforementioned qualification can apply to SHUMAS _Cameroon. Applications should be addressed to the Director General of SHUMAS Cameroon.   Those who succeed will be provided stipends to facilitate the research.

DEADLINE: Applications should come in latest 15th of June 2016.


-Application letter,addressed   to the General Director of SHUMAS-Cameroon

-Attestation of admission as Masters Students from the university –

Contacts : 677755630, 676440219 ,  672523341, 679852090 , 677 890 795



  1. NDZEREM STEPHEN NJODZEKA                     DR. TEBOH  

Director General,                                                                                            Divisional Delegate

SHUMAS –Cameroon                                                                            for MINEPIA   MEZAM



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